How do I know if you are the right celebrant for us?
It’s important that you feel confident that you have the right celebrant and there is no better way I’ve found than to help you make that decision than by meeting face to face.  Our first meeting is free of charge and I will inform you of any paperwork and other things you may need to provide for further down the track and answer any questions that you may have. Easy.
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What kind of weddings and other ceremonies do you do?
As a Commonwealth registered civil celebrant I have the training and legal authorisation to perform weddings throughout all Australia. I also perform Vegas style weddings with ‘The King’. Both of these weddings still have legal components and if you do have an Elvis/Vegas style wedding don’t worry, you will still be legally married.

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Other non-legal types of services include

Wedding renewals. Perhaps you have been married for a while and would like to renew your vows? Perhaps you would have liked the King to be at your original wedding but your folks wouldn’t let you? Perhaps you want to surprise your other half with a romantic gesture? Wedding renewals are a fun and easy way to share your commitment with your partner, family and friends.


How far in advance do I need to book? What do I have to do to get my ceremony sorted?
There is some official paperwork that you’ll need to take care of in advance of your wedding. You will need to sign a ‘Notice of Intent to Marry’ no less than one month prior to your wedding (unless there are special circumstances). Sometimes it can take time to organise official paperwork so please bear this in mind when making plans for your wedding ceremony.  Easiest ways to be clear on this is to contact me with any questions well in advance of your ceremony and to book your ceremony as early as possible.

How do I put my ceremony together?
Every ceremony is different. I don’t do the same ‘cookie cutter ‘ceremony each time. Perhaps you have some ideas about some music or poetry you would like included in your ceremony, perhaps you don’t have any ideas at all? Either way is fine. I will work closely with you to ensure your ceremony is personalised in way that best suits you and the style of ceremony you will both enjoy.

Are there any legal things we have to say in our wedding ceremony?
Yes, there are a couple of things you will both need to say in your ceremony in the form of the vows and all celebrants are required to say a ‘Monitum’ according to the Marriage Act. These things are important but they don’t take up a huge amount of time in the ceremony and I’ll be there to help you with what you are legally required to say.

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What does it cost?
As each wedding is different so costs often vary. Is your wedding out of town or interstate? Do you want a traditional wedding or a Vegas style wedding?
Once we have met and discussed what you require for your ceremony, then I will give you a final quote for your personal ceremony.

I have more questions please
If you would like more information about Burning Love and the services it provides, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions via email by filling out the form on the contacts page.  Thanks!